Our control and loading solutions

As part of our assembly and palletizing line design activity, our engineering department is able to offer you proven loading and unloading solutions.

  • Blade elevator loader
  • Machine feeder bowl and hopper
  • Digital gantry with Schunck grippers
  • Vacuum conveying
  • Magnetic tape transport (including demagnetization)
  • Robotic feeding
  • Laser and camera inspection with automatic correction and quality sorting.

Do you want to optimize loading and unloading times to boost productivity? productivity?

Depending on your type of parts, we offer you our catalog products developed by Dinatec:

  • Axle distribution hopper
  • Blade elevator
  • Digital feeder
  • ….

Or to meet more specific production constraints, we can offer you specific automation solutions, thanks to our in-house design office:

  • Loading/unloading gantry
  • Hopper and vibrating bowl
  • Robotic feeding
  • Integrated control device
SAMECA makes available all its know-how in the manufacture of special machines and, more broadly, in the supply of ingenious, complete solutions for industry.

Take a look at our Youtube channel DINATEC MICROREX:

Microrex digital feeder

Loading/unloading gantry on Microrex 2H

Microrex 2H CN plunge milling: 2 parts ground simultaneously with loading gantry

Microrex 2H NC robotic island for 3-span part grinding

MICROREX 2L CN with automatic feeder

MICROREX 2H CN integrated into a robot cell