Our rebuilds of machine tools and centerless grinders

reconstruction de machines rectifieuses centerless

Many of our customers decide to rebuild their old machine because the
rigidity and mechanical design is unrivalled, the lead time is shorter and the
more attractive investment cost than a new machine.
SAMECA is with you every step of the way, from drawing up the specifications
to the optimization of checking fixtures. Machine tool specialist
and experience in production engineering,
we are able to provide you with real added value, so that you can
differentiate yourself in your industry.
We are capable of implementing assembly lines and
palletizing as part of an overall turnkey reproduction line project.
On receipt of a new project, our teams and partners undertake a thorough
to improve the reliability and design of our products.

We rebuild and modernize your Centerless grinding machines of various brands such as Cincinnati (2OM, 220/8, 3-300), Lidkoping (3B, 5B), Ghiringhelli, Estarta, Bordier (FOP, GRM 300, GRL 500), Agathon, Koenig & Bauer, Monza,
We have a number of Centerless grinders in stock, so we can offer you a standard exchange in the configuration you require. This means you won’t tie up your means of production, and therefore won’t lose production capacity.
Once commissioning and final acceptance have been completed, we will repatriate your machine to replenish our stock.
Following precise specifications and according to your wishes, we recondition and maintain your equipment.

We provide protection adapted to your machine according to current standards for compliance:

  • Enclosure with safety element and extractor hood
  • Fire detection and extinguishing system
  • Light barrier
  • Bimanuelle

All our machines can be made CE-compliant, and we guarantee you
12-month warranty.

We also offer a maintenance follow-up through a contract of

Reconstruction machines outils

Photos of the various centerless grinders:



machine Ghiringhell


machine ESTRATA



Lidkoping (3B, 5B)