Our machine configurations

We configure your grinding machines to your specifications in plunge or enfilade processes. We equip your grinding machines with a new electrical cabinet, controlled by PLC or CNC from Siemens, Fanuc, Schneider or Hallen Bradley. We can offer you :

  • Digitization of diamond shafts to replace hydraulic cylinders.
  • Maintaining the grinding speed of the grinding wheel spindle
  • Automatic compensation of the plunge axis following diamond or laser control (Aeroel, Marposs, etc.)
  • Special parts loader
  • Hydraulic clamping for your ruler holders
  • Special ruler holder for 2-piece grinding
  • Automatic centrifugal or fluidic balancing
  • Renovation of your hydrodynamic or hydrostatic spindles
  • Spindle refurbishment with precision bearings
  • Risk analysis and compliance according to our CE.
  • Optimal, watertight housing design.
  • Blowing system design before laser inspection
  • Plant relocation and start-up

We can support you every step of the way, from formalizing your technical requirements to optimizing your production process.

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Depending on the shape of your parts and the type of production required, we can offer you specific functions to optimize the grinder’s capability.

Control spindle :

  • On precision bearings
  • Induction motors
  • Bruschless” motorization

Diving :

  • Conventional
  • Digital cam

Sideboards :

  • Short parts: mobile center
  • Long parts: fixed center

Working wheels :

  • Vitrified
  • Diamond
  • CBN
  • Semi-automatic balancing
  • Dynamic balancing
Photo6-Nos configuration machines

Control wheels :

  • Rubber-bonded
  • Vulcanized roller (special application)
  • Notched (digital cam system)
  • Rulers/Rulers :
  • Carbide
  • Other types of coating
  • Hydraulic ruler clamping

Work spindles:

  • On precision bearings
  • On hydrostatic bearings (hydrodynamic)
  • Outdoor asynchronous motor
  • Electro-spindle

Dressing systems for grinding wheels (Diamantage de travail) :

  • Conventional sweeping: manual, hydraulic, electric
  • Conventional infeed: manual, motorized
  • Hydraulic reverse for square cycle (conventional)
  • By concretion trainer (conventional),
  • Per wafer with calibrated needles (conventional)
  • 1 (digitized) infeed axis: motorized form wheel holder
  • 2 Cartesian axes (digitized): conventional diamond dresser or wheel holder
    motorized disc (digitized)
  • 3rd axis/Pivoting arc
  • Beamers (digitized): by classic diamond (digitized)

Casework :

  • According to CE standards or those in force in the user’s country outside CE.
  • Suitable for various supply and drainage systems
  • Fire detection/extinguishing system

Control wheel dressing systems (Diamantage de contrôle) :

  • Conventional sweeping: manual, hydraulic, electric
  • Conventional pass :
    manual, motorized
  • Single-point diamond: disposable, re-tippable (conventional)
  • 2 Cartesian axes (digitized): by conventional diamond
  • Cam-shaped grinding wheel diamond (digital cam system)

Gripper carriage(s)/Swivel base :

  • Conventional diving: manual, automatic
  • Conventional infeed: manual, motorized with wheel wear compensation
  • Digital pass capture
  • Digital pass control (carriage movement)
  • Cutting action ensured by the cam shape of the control wheel: digital cam system (carriage locked)

Parts :

  • Materials (steels, carbides, ceramics, glass, cardboard, plastics, etc.)